Monday, July 25, 2016

Marcus' Baptism!

Hey, how is everyone doing? Sounds like everyone is doing all of the fun stuff without me, what the heck! This last week we had the opportunity to baptize Marcus, this little guy is so awesome. He showed up late to church on Sunday, so he will get confirmed next week, but I am really looking forward to doing that and use my priesthood power a little bit. We are starting to slow things down a little bit. We are starting to slowly run out of our investigators, so that means it is time to go find some to teach. We should have another in the next couple of weeks. My comp, Elder Younger, is getting transferred, so I am going to be getting another new comp. I will miss Younger, he has been a really fun comp to serve with! Well everyone, have a wonderful week.

Elder Hutchings

July 2016 - Elder Younger, Marcus, Me! 

Elder Hutchings - Syracuse, NY - July 2016

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