Monday, August 15, 2016

Fisher of Men!

Hey everyone,
How the heck is everyone doing? Sorry I didn't send an email last week, I ran out of time to write one! These last few weeks have been rough! But when you keep enduring, it will show you what you are made out of.

Me and my comp have really been struggling with finding people, but we are slowly finding new people everyday. The other night, we were up walking around this pond that isn't too far from our apartment and I see this guy fishing and I knew I had talked to him before. So, I am like ''Do I know you?'' and he is like "I have seen you somewhere, too". Then I remember I talked to him there before and showed him how to catch a fish. Then, I go grab my pole and we teach him and fish at the same time haha!!!

Friday, I had to spend the day in the hospital, it was rough, but I am doing problems now! I know my mom loved talking to my mission president! Well, love you all and have a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Hutchings


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