Monday, April 25, 2016

Crazy Week! Trip to Utica / Baptism

Hey everyone! This last week has been crazy! We have had so much going on. We had a baptism on Saturday which went really well. It is awesome how quickly people can change when they have the gospel in their lives. The girl that got baptized has been a great example to her family. Now, all of her family members have been reactivated and are going to church every week. She and her sister are going to the temple next week for baptisms for the dead. 

On Thursday, we had to go return and report up to Utica and it was really nice to see all of the people I came out of the MTC with and see how they are doing. When we got to Utica, we were surprised to see our zone leaders there. Come to find out, one of them started to have some heart problems and had to go home. It was a really sad moment when we first heard this, he was a really good friend and a great missionary. It was awesome to be part of the blessing that President gave him before he got sent home. Having 10 missionaries and the mission president as part of this blessing was awesome. It was such a powerful blessing, the spirit was so strong. He did serve a good mission and I know our Heavenly Father knows that, too.  He will be blessed for it. I am looking forward to another baptism this week and hopefully more to come. Love you all and have a good week.



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